Highn NRG-N

N-27 S-1

AnchorConsidered to be one of the most effecitve direct application nitrogen sources in the industry. High NRG-N™ is a multi form, stabilized nitrogen that releases over 90 days. High NRG-N™  contains chlorophyll building elements that help the Nitrogen to be more effective in the plant. Research has shown that High NRG-N™ can reduce leaching by as much as 40% keeping more of the Nitrogen available to the plant.

Key Features:
  • Contains chlorophyll building elements

  • Reduced Salt index

  • Less corrosive than urea ammonium nitrate solutions

  • Multi-forms of Nitrogen

  • Managed Nitrogen availablity matches crops
    demand curve

  • Lower application rates

Application Options:​​​​​​​
  • Side dress at planting or Layby

  • Top dress

  • Zone or strip-till placement

  • Fertigation

  • Combine with Crop Protection

N-21 S-1

AnchorNRespnse™ is a urea based, quick
response Nitrogen product that works well where Nitrogen
sources (with a low salt index) are needed. NResponse™
is a fast acting premium nitrogen product that provides
more flexablity in application than other nitrogen fertilizers.
NResponse™ is specifally formualted for effective foliar
and row applications. When foliar applied, NResponse™
works well to meet a crops immediate Nitrogen needs with low burn potential to plant tissue.

Key Features:
  • Suitable for contact with plant tissue

  • Quickly assimilated into the crop

  • Minimally corrosive to equipment
Application Options:
  • Irrigation Systems

  • Foliar

  • Row

28% UAN when paired with AgroLiquid eNhance
creates a more efficient, more stable form of
Nitrogen that is readily available to the plant. 

Recommended for Top Dress, Side Dress or Y-Drop


N-12 P-3 K-3

Ferti-Rain® is a blend of nutrients that have
been shown to give a superior foliar response
when applied at 1-3 gallons per acre.

Key Features:
  • Suitable for contact with plant tissue

  • Quickly assimilated into the crop

  • Minimally corrosive to equipment
Application Options:
  • Irrigation Systems

  • Foliar

  • Row

Ag Pro Farm Service offers a Nitrogen Stabilizer to help
your crops recieve the proper nutrients at the proper


S-8.7 Zn-.07 Mn-.07

By using eNhance™ as part of your nitrogen
management program it allows Urea Ammonium Nitrate
(UAN) solutions to be applied at reduced rates, with yeild
results comparable to full rate UAN applications. By
working within the plant, eNhance™, nutritionally fortifies the crops physiology to more efficiently utilize applied
nitrogen. eNhance™ is a nutritional supplement that
combines proprietary chemistry with a proper balance of
micronutrients and enzymes to produce better nitrogen
response. It does this by amending the urea and
ammonium portions of the UAN solutions reducing

volatility and denitrification; causing the nitrogen to be
released as the plant needs it. eNhance™ also works
wihin the plant to aid in nutirnet transport, making other
nutirents that enter the plant more efficient. eNhance™
offers the producer the opportunity to maintain yeild
potential while still reducing the over-all cost of nitrogen


eNhance™ has also been shown to be effective at
supplying Sulfur in banded close-to-the-seed treaments.
Because of the low salt index and sulfur content of this
product, it has proven to work well in phospurous and
potassium programs to meet  a growing crops Sulfur

Key Features:
  • Contains sulfur and key chlorophyll building

  • Causes more efficient utilization

  • Use as needed for the element of sulfur

  • Cost reducer

  • 1 gallon = 12lbs of sulfate from conventional sources
Application Options:
  • Combined with UAN

  • Foliar