Ag Pro Farm Service has a variety of liquid fertilizers to serve your nutrient needs.



N-9 P-24 K-3 Fe-.1

Pro-Germinator® is a low-salt fertilizer that is seed safe for most crops. When properly placed, Pro-Germinator® will permeate the area around the seed, providing starter benefits as well as continuous, season-long phosphorus availability. Pro-Germinator® is made up of 30% orthophosphate which gives a quick response to germinating crops, and 70% long chain polymers that provide usable non-complexed Phosphorus to the plant for up to 90 days. Phosphorus in this form and quality placed in a band close to the root zone is the key to the effectiveness of Pro-Germinator® in Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers prescription application.

Key Features:

  • Dual-form phosphate
  • Multiform Nitrogen
  • True Compounds
  • Low Salt Index
Application Options:
  • Planter Starter Popup
  • In Combination with Sure-K®, High NRG-N™, or Micro-nutrients for prescription feeding
  • Combine with Crop Protection
  • Zone and Strip-Till fertilization
  • Fertigation



N-2 P-1 K-6

Sure-K® can be utilized in management practices across all crops and can be applied at planting as well as at side-dress for row crops. Sure-K® is gentle on live plants making it an excellent component in situations where foliar or fertigation application is desired. This flexibility allows application timing to match the nutrient needs of the crop as well as the improved operational efficiency when scheduled applications can be combined.

Sure-K® is a chloride free, pure potassium product which when band applied can supply growing crops with usable potassium in a quickly assimilated manner. Sure-K® works well both soil-applied and foliar-applied. Foliar applications of Sure-K® can be combined with other crop protection programs.

Key Features:

  • Not a Chloride Compound contains no harmful carriers or components
  • Low Salt Index
  • Neutral pH
  • True Solution
Application Options:
  • Applied with the planter as part of a balanced fertility program
  • Side-dressed to provide added early season potassium
  • Applied in a foliar application with or without crop protection products to provide highly usable in-season potassium

Kalibrate™ is a low salt, chlorine-free potassium solution. It can be used in combination with Pro-Germinator® and other Agro-Culture Liquid Fertilizers' products to provide a complete balanced fertilizer program. Due to it's ability to come back into solution after freezing, Kalibrate™ is indicated for use in northern climates and where early-season delivery of liquid fertilizer is required or preferred. When applied as recommended Kalibrate™ can produce as good or slightly better crop response than higher rates of conventional potassium fertilizers.

Key Features:
  • Low Salt Index
  • Sulfer
  • Pesticide Compatible

Application Options:
  • Infurrow
  • 2 by 2
  • Drip/Micro and Overhead or Furrow Irrigation

Please contact us to help create a liquid fertilizer program best designed for your nutrient needs.